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Our Mission:
To instill confidence and self-belief in young athletes that go beyond the game.
To teach fundamentals and an understanding of the game.

"Baseball is in the Mind. See success, work hard for it, and be relentless. 
Have fun and play for the love of the game!"
Coach "T"
At Club Hitting we specialize in zero-pressure / zero-intimidation coaching. We offer custom-fit training for players of all levels from age 7 through high school and college.
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Indoor training sessions are held at our Fort Collins facility:1805 Lincoln Ave A1 (off Mulberry). Sessions are offered Monday through Saturday.

Mentality, Approach, Discipline, Reset Techniques, Routines are taught. 5 Pillars of a Great Hitter

Body mechanics and swing sequence training from the stance to contact. Staying connected. Balance and tracking the ball from release point to follow through. Learning the strike zone and hitting on time. Proper bat path and body position. Visualization and being prepared with confidence.

Hand Eye Coordination and fundamentals 

Bare hand and glove training; working forehand and backhand. Proper hand position and follow though with momentum to the bag. Angles and footwork drills with hands and gloves. Visualizing making the play. Ready position and reading the batter.

Throwing and Pitching
Protecting the arm and elbow.

Proper body position and throwing motion. Back foot and stride foot balance, strength and follow though. Learning to stay in alignment and visualizing the pitch. Pitching mentality and attitude training. Reset and relaxation techniques.

Catcher Training
Communication and Signs

Leg strength, proper stance and framing. Hand position and wrist strength. Footwork "pop up" time and follow through to the bag on throws. Blocking and tagging. Simulated game drills and understanding of the game. Controlling the pitchers and the game.

Drills and Exercises creating a Competitor Mentality which takes the player above being just an Athlete.
Training Sessions and Memberships

Pre Season Training and workouts

Call and sign up for Saturdays 12pm to 2pm Hitting Camps. Min 3 players maximum 5 players. Hitting Drills and Approach techniques only

 Contact us today to get started. 970-308-9766
One on One and Small Groups

"When you have fun, it changes all the pressure into pleasure" 
Ken Griffey Jr

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